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Thread: Nikon & Fuji Digicam Promotion until 14 FEB 2003!!!

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    Default Nikon & Fuji Digicam Promotion until 14 FEB 2003!!!


    There is a Nikon & Fuji Film promotion right now at Best Denki at Tampines Century Square.

    Well, i cant decide which nikon camera to buy. Any recommendations on the below cameras that which one is good enough???

    1) Nikon Coolpix 3500 (Free card reader and two 64MB flash card) $699

    2) Nikon Coolpix 775 (Free 1 battery, 1 card reader, two 64MB flash card) $499

    these are the 2 models i m interested

    As for the rest of the models available at the promotion are:

    - Coolpix 885
    - Coolpix 2500
    - Coolpix 4300

    So which one shall u all experts recommend?



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    Do you know the price of the rest of the models? Pls do post them here if you know, hee, cos I am considering to buy one


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    sorry typo error. hehe shld be Nikon promotion.

    I need help!!!!!!!!!!

    ok So i probably will get the Nikon Coolpix 3500, what are it's advantages n gd points?? wat abt 775, not good enuff as compared to 3500??

    Btw, can 3500 take very nice NIGHT shots? bcos i like taking nite shots esp those fireworks. is 3500 able to do that like those powerful cameras????cos mostly are preset settings


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    Played a bit with my friend's CP2500 last yr, not too sure if i'm right... anyway I think the CP 3500 has a fireworks mode, similar to the one in CP 2500.

    Not too sure abt the 'preset settings' (exposure/aperture)...


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