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Thread: Camera for Subzero Temp

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexterkang View Post
    just to share a little bit on the few phone calls I made yesterday to both canon and olympus head office in singapore.

    canon said they cannot guarantee that their camera will work on sub zero temp coz they are built for operating temp of 0 to 40 degrees
    Taken wif 10D. And I was shooting indoors and outdoors at that condition for the whole day and night around the resort.

    Hope this helps to give you confidence in cameras.

    *edit pls forgive the JPEG artifact I sorta over compressed it.
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    then remove me from the forum forever so no such comments will be made again...
    Yes, may be the mod can remove you from the forum but again, you can register using other nick with the same behavior

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    no point bickering over such things.

    most of us have fair confidence over our DSLR probably down to -10C, however it is often the compacts that is a bit worrisome as their battery is more consuming. so if it is a compact, it is probably legitimate. i read from magazines that some guys shooting at the atlantic need to worry about their stuff at -50C, that is where u really need to worry and get the right stuff, but so far the rest of us would be travelling only to places that is as cold as -10 to 5C, so if none have any issue with their DSLR, the rest should all be reassured.

    i try to put together good advices from everyone into my travel thread, so worried forumers can go in and get some ideas.
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