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    lets be honest. u really will beat up the ah beng meh? spit on him? probably not, we might get into trouble rite? wat we might probably do is perhaps scold the ah beng and help the old uncle up. in any case, u probably won't want to "lose face" yourself should other passengers also show the "can't be bothered" attitude.

    normally i will give up my seats to elderly and pregnant ladies. but not to children, except mothers carrying infants. once i did give up my seat to a mother with a child old enough to walk, guess what? the mother just ask the child to sit and she remained standing. perhaps that did help to lessen her burden but i was asking myself, "what sort of message are we passing down to our younger generation?" i won't be doing that to my kids next time, i would tell them to stand and behave properly on the train.

    while queueing up to go into the train, sometimes i will purposely say out loud to my gf that we must stand behind the yellow line so others who are not will follow suit. i am not trying to make them lose face, lets just say it is a gentle reminder.

    now i would like to comment about ppl "sleeping" on the trains. i kind of fed up seeing news and heard ppl talking about Singaporeans falling asleep on the trains and how inconsiderate they are. however, take note that almost 25% of our population is from land across the waters. please stop putting blames on Singaporean's image. secondly, some ppl are really tired after a day's work. it is very easy to fall asleep on the train. haven't anyone of you felt sleepy riding a train before? some are pretending, while some are geniuely tired. our society is a very competitive one. spare a thought for our working population too.

    pls dun flame me, i am just stating my view. for train passengers to behave ethically on mrt, i think imposing fines can work. we all know imposing fines sure can work out, forget about what upbringing and stuff like these, impose fines is good and is a workable method. fyi, singapore won't be the first to impose fines like these. i went hawaii and it is their state laws that people should give up seats to the elderly, pregnant ladies and disabled on their buses. otherwise, they can be arrested.

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    It is not perfect, it is unique to me as this is the place I call home where my family and friends are here.

    I'm always glad to touchdown at Changi Airport after travelling overseas.

    I've no problem with people wearing camouflage guarding the airport as I'm one of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by HydroPoP View Post
    Haa haa haa...uniquely singapore indeed.

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