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Thread: F717 white balance

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    Default F717 white balance

    This has been puzzling me..

    Whenever I enable Flash in my f717, it overrides any white balance setting I may have set it to, even though the flash does not fire (I enabled hot shoe mode, and thus the built in flash does not fire). Even when I allow the flash to fire, the output turns out the same, no matter what white balance I set it to.

    Is this normal?

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    anybody? please help

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    The flash may be so bright that it washes out everything you see, thus the white balance settings may not have any effect. But if you can post some example pics of this, maybe it would be easier for us to help you.

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    hehee thanks..

    but it's not the problem with the subjects close up..

    but rather the background that's pretty obvious that the white balance doesn't work..

    for eg, a shot of a subject close up is properly illuminated in "bright" daylight but the surrounding is reddish, no matter what white balance I use..

    anyway, I gave up waiting for answers, so I called Sony Singapore, and they've confirmed this... they said that I can't manually set the white balance while using the flash. the white balance is automatically calculated from the whitest point in the view, using the pre-flash on your in0built flash...

    however, for ext flash with no pre-flash.. this might pose a problem..
    solution>> adjust your aperture... for cooler colors reduce the amount of light coming in.. for warmer colors, increase the amount of light coming in..

    hope this helps others as well


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