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Thread: Looking forward from the Little spider hunter

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    Default Looking forward from the Little spider hunter

    In my last post, i have used plenty of flash to illuminate the subject, resulting in an unnatural shadow cast on its under bellie. Today on a rainy but bright day with intermittent downpour, Jeff decided to take his chance and pay these feathers a visit.

    This time round, ambient light is the dominant light source, with flash set at -3eV. Exposure subtract 1/3eV to subdue the bright BG (grass). By doing this, thee subject is 1eV under. Using Adobe lightroom, I bring out the details in the feathers and increase the yellow channel intensity to give the bird more dimension. w/o this, its shoulder plumage (n perch)will catch the bulk of the flash under such poorly lit conditions.

    5D+300+2x @ F8.0, 1/80s ISO 400 on tripod. 9pt AI Servo w bird slightly off centre. Exposure is correct as per today's weather report.

    Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a better birding year (to birders, minus Jeff of course).
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