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Thread: Which video card for digital imaging?

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    Default Which video card for digital imaging?

    I have been using a Dell PC with integrated video processor which is somewhat slow. I am thinking of building a dedicated PC for editing digital images. Other than a power processor and pI am not into gaming and so there is no need to get a high end video card. All I am looking for is a low end video card (if possible) that can be used for Photoshop and Nikon Capture NX. All advice would be appreciated especially from gurus as to what I should look out for in the video card. What are your recommendation?


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    Default Re: Which video card for digital imaging?

    Editing photos don't need powerful video card. Modern video cards that you can buy new can do the job.
    What you do need is globs of memory and CPU horsepower to move those bits around.


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