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Thread: Sunset outside my doorstep...

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    Default Sunset outside my doorstep...

    #01 Some editting using DPP (software provide by canon)

    #02 Original photo

    Please comment if any improvment can be made...

    With regards to #02 original photo...Is the exposure correct???

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    Default Re: Sunset outside my doorstep...

    i like the processing in #1, good warm colour and texture in the clouds. but the hotspot of the sun and the rather uninteresting silhouettes of the buildings detract from the shot.

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    Default Re: Sunset outside my doorstep...

    Suggestion: black out all the highlights in the foreground - pipes, roof-tops, etc. Juz leave the a black silhouette again the gorgeous cloud and sun. Use unsharp mask to refine the lines including the lining of the clouds.
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