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Thread: New-faces Galore!

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    Default New-faces Galore!

    Holla my photographers~
    Render's organising a shoot "New-faces Galore!"
    So support support me kk? =P
    Am trying out my luck on weekdays,
    Otherwise i'll move it to saturday! Let me know~ Thanks!

    Date: Friday, 22 December 'or' Saturday, 23 December
    Time: 9am - 12pm
    Location: TBC -outdoors
    Theme: Fashion; 3 outfits
    No. of photographers: min. 9 photographers
    Fee: $50

    U might have seen some of my models before in events.
    They are FRESH LOOKS in CS for sure! =D

    Let me present to you my girls - I've got an all-in-one package.
    Why so?

    What more can you ask for?
    Babe with the charisma, still standing at an amazing height of 1.72m

    With an additional spice to that attitude,
    she owns a beaming smile which could blow your heart away.

    Extremely sharp features, hot figure, the angle-perfect model.

    Register now!:

    1) PM me with your name and mobile number.
    2) or email me at with your name and mobile number.

    3) I will reply you with the payment details
    4) Shoot details would be revealed to you by sms; after payment is made.

    Spice up your weekends now!; these are the ingredients.

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    Default Re: New-faces Galore!

    Christmas session ...
    AMPA * WPPI * J team

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    Default Re: New-faces Galore!

    U guys can either choose friday or saturday.
    So just make the choice of your availability date
    and i'll fix the shoot date


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    Default Re: New-faces Galore!

    familiar faces during bbtz.

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    Default Re: New-faces Galore!

    pegggy! Ups

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    Default Re: New-faces Galore!

    Hi Render,

    My preference is on Saturday. Friday is a working day for me.
    Visit ReelMotionHD for wedding & corporate event video
    VidzModels to be our Centre Stage model

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    Default Re: New-faces Galore!

    yay, would be great if it's on saturday too.

    might try my first model shoot..

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    Default Re: New-faces Galore!

    How abt Sunday Slot? Christmas Eve... count down...

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    Thanks! great, ill move the thread to saturday then
    Thanks all! I'm sorry mike, but i have a shoot on sunday >.<
    Try sat? hehe..

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