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    Hi guys, i would like to know where is the best place to view aeroplanes taking off or landing other than in the airport itself and ECP. I know there is somewhere where people can view over the fence or smth like tht.

    HELP ?
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    somewhere along the road to tanah merah ferrry terminal.
    But I heard that that stretch of road got tp patrolling one.
    So dun think can stop long.

    Another place to try would be changi beach near the army ferry terminal.
    That one can see the plane landing.

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    Exact location is Changi Coastal Road.
    Along PIE, look out for Changi Coastal Road exit.
    Drive along the long stretch of road slowly, look out for pit stops on your left.
    Watch out for cyclists, be nice and give them enough space to cycle.
    Bring a tripod and have fun!

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    but you cant for long, there are always tp patrolling the area

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonedx View Post
    but you cant for long, there are always tp patrolling the area
    watch out for 'ma ta'...

    inside or outside...

    u sure to be check IF u are holding cam...
    Stress Man @ work... :bigeyes:


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