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    dear all wedding photographers, out of 300 photos the couples selected roughly how many percent of the photos were edited how many were B&W?

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    That depends on

    1. Your shooting style.
    2. How technically competent you are.
    2. The couples preference.

    1 because your style might be more artistic and colours might look odd or b/w just looks 'better' to you.

    2 if you consistently under/overexpose then you will have to edit 100% of your shots right? Some people shoot jpg and apply tone curves within the camera and make it a 1 shot one kill kinda thing so they dont have to spend so much time in post work later.

    3. Everyone has their own preference but assuming they chose you for your style then its purely dependant on #1
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    Depending on how you define editing. I normally shoot in RAW and select the WB and tweak the EV later. Not too sure if that is considered as editing.

    As for PSing the photos, abt 10% are edited. Probably 5% are B/W, 5% others.


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    normally out of all the images that i return them.... its edited and good to doesnt really matter how many they want then....


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