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    Dear guys,

    When taking 2 or more people, if i use spot focusing, i'll end up with only 1 persom in focus and the others off. If i use closest subject, same problem (the one closest will be focused while the others off).

    How to get everyone in focused?

    Thanks for spending time to reply

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    what f stop u are using??

    what are the position of the two person???

    show us a pics...easier to understand...

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    the 2 fellows sitting side by side. i took the picture from maybe 1 m or 2 m away. mostly facing them, sometimes at an angle to teh right or left.

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    Focal lens is a consideration too.
    1-2 m is close, and with f5.6, chances are that one of them will be blur.

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    u can.....
    use a shorter focal length at the same distance
    use the same focal length, but get a bigger distance between u and subjects
    use bigger f-stop
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    use Point and Shoot camera.
    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Quote Originally Posted by megaweb View Post
    use Point and Shoot camera.
    with "face priority" feature ones....

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    ok, thanks for the info



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