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Thread: Chicken Rice Anyone?

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    Default Chicken Rice Anyone?

    Hey guys,

    trying out my editing with border....

    C&C please...

    Anyone know how i put a black stroke line outside the white canvas?
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    i see about 1 plate of chicken which dun look like chicken, 1/8 or 1/16 part of rice... and 1/4 bowl of soup that dunno is simi soup, and then 1/8 of dunno wat sauce, and then some ceramic cup... overall... i dunno wat u trying to imply... if u are selling this ampang chicken rice... then u got a long way to go... cos more likely, u can say, ampang chicken ala carte better...

    this pic, the chicken, dun look tasty at all... a complete mess, and the lighting need serious working on... composition is bad, 1st, chicken rice no rice... then 1 big blank space in the centre... shadows seem more interesting than the food itself. U can either have a plate of rice and a plate of chicken, it will look better than now. keep everything to the minimum, then add, not try to fit everything in, then no space, so abit of tis, abit of that... then still no space, cut abit more away, then seem like lost the focus already.
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    hehe nice reply

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    Agreed, i cant see the rice, chilli or soup... i think for the representation of chicken rice. To show the grain of the rice will be even better and some of the chicken with meat.


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