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    just got my 100mm macro and now trying to coax a little more out of this chubby baby. the focusing distance is 0.31m but i want to go really really close up to take extreme macro photos.

    my main priorities are image quality and budget. my usual subjects will be still life and slow moving crawlies. what additional accessories will i be looking at? filters? extension tubes? teleconverters? any recommendations?

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    Try Extension tube (s). The flash from external flash may not able to reach the object (block by the lens) so recommend to use a flash bracket.
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    Of course, there is the possiblity of getting this:

    Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5X Macro Lens

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    Use reversed lens technique:
    1. Reverse 50mm lens in front of 100mm macro lens, then you have +20 close up lens in front of 100mm macro lens. Working distance less than 5cm from rear element of 50mm lens.
    2. Reverse 50mm lens directly with special mount for reversed lens. Here you loose aperture control. Working distance I don't know.

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