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    hi first attempt and first post.
    Still using a very old pns cam, will only be getting my first ever dslr later this week haha.
    Anyway pls C&C, trying to improve on my technical aspect and composition of my photos.

    Thanks alot

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    tis is the very 80s shot...

    but dunno y u wanna showcase this without further intro... can tell us y u wanna post tis pic? y u wanna have this feel?... etc etc...
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    was visiting a old neighbour who happened to be staying in one of the older hdb flats. Kinda reminded me of the times way back when all hdb flats looked this way.
    So i kindof gotten back some lost memories from way back then when i was still a small kiddo.

    Did alot of cropping as the orginal photo was not very up to standard. Only started to pick up photography recently so this post is actually just a posting of my best attemp on how i protrayed what i felt at that pt of time when i took the photo (of coz with alot of ps). Wanted to know if i am on the right track and if there is anything i should lookout for.

    One thing for sure i need alot of practice shooting with the camera so that i wun have to do so much post processing.

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    i think the treatment is a nice touch but if you need to explain why the image is titled "forgotten", that means a clear subject is missing. succesful photos are self-explanatory, they do not even need titles and are possibly self-generating. good photos tell good stories.

    the lines point to some shoes on the parapet wall, would they be of any significance? the top right dark patch is quite distracting, you could erase that away. if the block in the "background" is rotate such that it is horizontal, the whole composition will be stronger.

    the tones and treatment create a sense of poignancy. there is definitely some unexplored potential in this area.
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    wow, thanks for the C&C.
    you are very detailed! Didn't realise that blocks at the back were not horizontal until u said so. Must be due to the slight skewing i did and i happily forgot that the horizontal line would be affected.

    As for the top right corner, i was debating if i should
    1) edit it out -> but would it be too empty at that corner?
    2) do tigher crop -> dunno why but i wanted more width in the parapet wall , as for reason why: i seriously dunno haha. Just feel that the picture looks more pleasing to my eyes with a less tighter crop.

    As for the subject, i'm still not very clear abt this aspect, have read some articles on it.
    Intially the block of flats at the back was supposed to be the main subject, but while i was trying to frame the picture i realised that the inclusion of the walls and shoes kinda made the whole picture more complete (personal view haha). So in the end i also dunno what should be the subject haha. Able to advice to help me correct my approach as to how i take photos? Should i have concentrated on what i intended to take rather then place too much focus on the composition of the photo?

    Thanks for teaching and sharing =)

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    Well... with a PnS, it's hard to do selective focusing, but I believe if you want the HDB flats to be the main focus, the thing to do would be to keep it in focus as opposed to this current pic of it being pretty soft.

    Focus seems to be on the shoes instead.

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    yah actually in the actual photo, the entire photo was in focus, unable to create any significant blurring of the shoes and wall. While processing i actually blurred 2 thirds of the photo to focus the photo at the shoes.

    reason: the building was in the entire photo, and still not skilled enough to create a realistic blurring of the forground objects only so decided to soften the 2 thirds of the photo instead haha.

    Will try out a similar shot when i get my dslr.
    Maybe will be able to better isolate the building behind by having a less focused wall and shoe.

    Thanks for the insight =)

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    The line led me to the shoes rather den the flats
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    hmm.. pardon me, but the 1st thing that came to my mind when i looked at the title, and looked at the pic, was that someone committed suicide from that spot u shot. someone forgotten. ( and only remembered becoz of the shoe. )

    maybe i think too much. haha

    but interesting pic to me. coz it created such an impression, though it may not be what u wanted to portray. =)

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    wha haha nice story u have there, must due to all the suicide cases reported in the newspapers lately haha.

    Anyway i think my main problem here is that i am rather indecisive on what should be the main subject. wanted to shoot the blocks but when editing shifted the focus on to the shoes.
    Think have to work on that aspect
    But still glad that some of you liked it and didn't find it a waste of time to look at =)

    by the way getting my dslr today hur hur.
    so excited~


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    kinda reminds me of the eric khoo film 12 storeys


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