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    how abt giottos?

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    hi drewdam, don't worry about the brand thing especially for accessories. We are only stucked with brands because of the camera system. Tripods, monopods and other accessories u can always get what u find most appealing - both in terms of price and performance.

    Like I mention earlier I used a neotec, set me back at a gitzo tripod price. But I have been handicapped by the speed in setting up and burdened by the conventional gitzo which I have dozens of them. Though they are wonderful to have and strong for MOST applications, our needs do varies and change hence u should always get a model that u feel most worthwhile to invest.

    There are other china brands for u to consider also. Try those models that u like, then consider the price, material, quality in that order.

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    For tour, I bring along D100, 18-200mmVR zoom lens, SB800 flash
    Most night scene and long shots are done with the body and lens..

    Quote Originally Posted by kcuf2 View Post
    mmm..ok wat is ur budget like, and wat is the setup that u are planning to hold on the tripod? i.e. what lens and camera n accessories eg. flash? not just those items tat u have now but items that u are highly likely to buy in the future eg. 600mm f/4

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