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Thread: Gf's bro wanted my free service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LENS View Post
    Hi Threadstarter, u seem actually have a mind already, because u simply ignore suggestions tell u not to charge...

    well, show us some pic, let's know how much u should charge, or maybe after u show your photo skills, all people left this thread because.... get a life. if you love your gf, still talk so much..
    Hi, Just to let you know. Whether how much i should charge, it does not go through you. Who are you to judge my standards anyway?

    And if you noticed, i did not reply to the thread for a few days already. Hence i was still considering. And i don't understand why you said i still talk so much cos in the first place, its none of your business! If you can't contribute good advices, why do you want to participate in my thread, letting people know what an a55 you are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Kahuna View Post
    On the silver lining, you might be lucky as he already see you as part of the family thus he entrusted you with this mission

    I am a little bit surprise after seeing your reaction, other especialy family members might interpret it as selfish or calculative. Through my experience, in a large family it's very common that we help each other out with our expertise, if you are lucky, you have Dr, lawyer, policeman or even a taxi driver as family member and they will come in handy in different circumstance, nevermind if you have a "pai kia" or gangster in your family, well you might need his service one of this day and you never know, and I am pretty sure that he won't charge you for his service

    So if you want to be part of the big family then no choice, bite the bullet and do it. Perhaps you have to tell him you can only affort the labour but the photo development and processing fees will be on his If not, at the end of the event, quote it as a extra gift from his sister which if your GF, she will definately be very proud of you
    I most probably will do it for free. =)

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    Default Re: Gf's bro wanted my free service.

    Dear all CS,
    from the last few post, a few CSers enlightened me with family values. Love your gf, gf's family etc. I remembered the girl i once crushed on, taught me a chinese idiom, 爱屋级屋 (I'm poor in mandarin). It means, if you love the girl, you must love her family, her friends, her dog etc.

    Which is a virtue to me.

    So my decision is... i will do the photo shoot for him. Reason is...

    1) I enjoyed shooting more than anything.
    2) I don't think i will mess up his wedding photos.
    3) My gf will be happy which in turns i will be happy too.
    4) Do it and then forget about it. There will be no more free service.

    I would like to thank you all for spending your time to read my thread, to crack your brain on advising me and also to share with me your story.

    For some who gives undesireable advises... nothing to say to you. Just grow up please.

    I shall close this thread. Or else... i'll get complaints. lol...

    Lastly, thank you guys!

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