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    New to DSLR photography. All comments appreciated. Picture taken at the Esplanade.
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    will be better to take the same picture at an earlier time to get some illumination in the sky so as to bring out the shape of the skyline.

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    i think its a nice effort. but as ekin said, maybe u would like to retake the pic around 7-7.30pm on a clear day to capture some daylight left!

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    Thanks for the valuable comments.

    I took the picture around 10 plus. Too dark at that time...keep on adjusting the aperture, shutter speed...etc to take a good picture.

    Is there any optimal combination of aperture, shutter speed, etc... that can enhance picture taking during night time.

    Thanks for advising.

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    For taking the CBD area... Try to do it during the weekdays so that the buildings will have the beautiful lights

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    You can try to do search for CBD related shots. You will find tons of them in this forum. Take a look and see what others have done to their shots.
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