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    Hi all,

    Need your help to give some comments on how I'm using my new Flash and the FlipIt Pro.
    I am no expert here. I know the framing might not be the best...but my main aim here is more on the usage of the Flash and the FlipIt pro, so comments on that two will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    This is taken with Flash upright, bouncing off my room ceiling.

    This is taken with same configuration as above, but with the FlipIt Pro.

    This is taken with Flash tilt to Right (abt 45degree) and flipit pro.

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    i think the bounce one is the best. 2nd one is too harsh i feel. and 3rd is the same just more underexposed.

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    actually, if u use another subject like maybe a toy or something to test the flip it, is easier to give a conclusion.

    This item is a reflective material, starting with the bezel, you have to change, shape lights to illuminate it without any whiteout. Its hard to do with a flash mounted on the camera.

    If your purpose is to determine the flip it's usage, i suggest u post this in general talk section instead of critique section. And i seriously suggest u change subject.
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