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    hey... is anyone know where to get the ziplock bag for camera? water proof type... as my friend want to look for these bags for his PNS camera... similar to the picture below... thanks~!

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    i tink i saw it at the top floor in heerens...

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    think its called an AquaPac.. you could try those travel stores or DIY stores..

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    thanks~! i will go and find out...

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    Order the Aquapac online from it's website as most stores that do carry them here in Singapore have the old models.


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    china point got 1 shop sell .... think u get disposable water proof cam better lah ...

    i thought of this when i was going snoorkling

    disposable cam better (cheaper n no worries , just buy more haha)

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    hahaha... thanks for the advise~! I will tell my friend about it.... really thanks alot~!

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    Can go to Beach Road there to buy, or those sports shops...

    WARNING!!! THIS bag is NOT 100% gurantee that your camera/stuff will be safe...

    I personally loss 1x camera and 1x hp due to leak... The bag was 1/4 full of seawater when I do some capsizing drills (I went kayaking)... Also, the "clear plastic" will affect your picture quality... You will see significant differences... Use at own risk...

    Recommend original water resistance casing if available... (such as Canonpower shots etc...)

    Things to note... You may want to put silica gel in too, just to keep the inside dry... Coz condensation may take place inside... Also they act as indicators for MINOR leaks (you dun need indicator anymore for MAJOR leak...)
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    i heard ther is third party brand which can be cheaper than Aquapac... any recommendation ?


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