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    Your comments and critiques are all good. I'm here to learn.

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    since this shot was named Missing piece or maybe Missing bell, i'd prefer a bigger space, cos on the background, the bokeh of the 2 bells shows a full sized image, so my mind would be giving space to the picture to show a invisible bell, so if there 'is' a bell, the space would have cropped the bell's lower 1/2. correct?

    the angle of shot need to work on as well. not syncronised with the perception of a missing object.

    color is dull, i'd actually prefer burning the bokeh area to create a mood.
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    Ok. Got it. Thanks...

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    I like the idea
    You should try more interpretations

    That background & subject should give you richer more interesting colors
    I would prefer a sharper focus on the background


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