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Thread: Renting a DSLR Camera

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    Default Renting a DSLR Camera


    I have been hearing from people asking newbies (like me who is thinking of getting a second hand DSLR) to rent the DSLR and try it out.

    May I ask where I can go to rent such a camera?

    I am interested in
    1) Canon 350D / 400D
    2) Nikon D50 / D70
    3) Olympus E500

    I just can't make up my mind on which DSLR to get or simply just go for a bridge camera like Lumix FZ 50.


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    Default Re: Renting a DSLR Camera

    If you're totally new to camera and would not like to spend too much then a bridge camera/prosumer is better for you.

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    There are plenety of rental people in the Services offered/wanted section of CS. Browse around to see which one suits you best.
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    rented a 30D a few weeks ago from bro Trucatus. cheap and reliable...


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