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    Took this photo in the rural areas of central Myanmar a few months back when I was on overseas assignment.

    C&Cs please. Thanks.

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    nice location. however you chose a not very interesting time of the day. the best time for landscape photo like this would be morning or evening. composition wise, the general rule for wideangle shots is to have a foreground, middle ground and back ground. you have the latter two but no foreground to enter the pic and lead the way. also, try to divide the frame into roughly three parts, allocating the area to each part depending upon what you wish to emphasize in the picture.

    last but not least, dont hesitate in using a zoom for landscapes.

    hope it was constructive.


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    Thanks for ur CnCs!

    Will take all advises seriously and to improve further on my future composition.

    PS. In the midst of persuading myself to get my 1st DSLR. Hiak..

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    i like the color saturation though. was there any post processing or filters u used?

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    Hi pokiemon,

    This photo was taken around 3.40pm on a sunny day with canon ixus500, and no filters used.

    Some minor processing was done using PS, hue & saturation. Wasn't very familiar with PS though.

    Now that I see the photo again, the foreground looks quite messy. Haha... I'm enlightened??

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    this picture actually has very good documentary value. it shows clearly the housing typology's exterior and environment in this village. but it's definitely not an interesting angle. if the intention is for documentation, it works well.

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    Do a portrait instead and play with space. a couple of small huts and a vast cloudy sky above.. I would have done maybe 20% hut 80% cloudy sky. Cause not near enough to really see details of the hut, so go far make it dramatic.
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    I'll probably walk up close/zoom & use the huts as subjects, you've got a dramatic skyline behind.


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