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    h i ,

    I've been trying out film and I was just wondering some things with regards to processing it. Does it matter where I go to develop my film (i.e. before printing)?

    The other question I have is with regards to scanning from film to digital. As I don't want to print all my photos, what I usually like to do is to get them scanned on to a CD instead. Again, does it matter where I go to get it scanned? And what is the difference between 4-base and 16-base (i think that's what it's called) scanning?

    Finally, where would you guys reccomend I go settle such services? Whether it is black and white film or colour film?

    Thanks for the time!

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    i think u save into a CD more expensive... print 3r+processing $10.80
    haha i hav the same qn to ask as u too.

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    4-base: 1470 x 980 pixels
    16-base: 2940 x 1960 pixels

    i have my films developed and scanned at GRACE..


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