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    Default Sundial

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    sorry....dun get wht u mean on the pic....i suggest u zoom nearer to focus more on the subject.

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    The subject is the sundial. I wanted to show the sundial in its loaction.

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    1. you titled it "time". the sundial is supposed to show time but i cannot see any shadows on the ground to indicate any time. the angle you took the photo may had hidden the shadow such that it is not apparent.

    2. the sky occupies almost half the image and does not really help forward your cause. we cannot choose clouds of course but having dramatic ones help.

    3. the subject does not pop out. colours are flat. you may try playing with the depth of field or doing some photoshopping if you feel the image has certain value which you want to salvage.

    4. what is so special about this sundial in this location compared any other sundials in any other locations? for a photo to be outstanding, it has to transcend beyond showing the obvious otherwise it will just sink into snapshot hell. you have to ask yourself this question as the photographer should be his own harshest critic.

    5. a successful photo tells a story, can be witty / intelligent / shocking / humourous / dramatic, atmospheric / surprising or something rarely seen, etc. yours is none of these. try to work towards a goal, a vision instead of taking a photo and post-rationalizing it. play with different angles, present the world in your unique perspective, avoid what everybody has done unless you can do it better than them. i know it is tough but try to keep that in mind and it will help you produce stunning and intriguing pictures.

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    Thanks for your advice. I'll take note of it when taking photos in the future.


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