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Thread: How to choose lens?

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    Default How to choose lens?

    If this has been asked before, can anyone direct me to the thread? Cant find it. Tks.

    Been reading that some lenses are not as sharp as others even when they are the same model & see frequent use of the term sharp copies... When buying a lens, how to check if its is a good & sharp copy?

    Or is the only way to know is by taking a shot with it? If so, is "viewing" with the cam's LCD good enough to ascertain its a good copy?

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    Default Re: How to choose lens?

    never veiw the img from the camera lcd.

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    Default Re: How to choose lens?

    bring ya laptop down and test lor...hahahah

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    IMO, the camera LCD is good enough to determine the sharpness of a lens.
    Just compare it to a photo taken by another similar lens and compare using one as a ''yardstick''.


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