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Thread: which speedlite works better for D60 ?

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    Default which speedlite works better for D60 ?

    hello all... Can i know which CANON speedlites works better on a D60 ? 420EX or 550EX ? Cos i will be upgrading pardon me..i have a lot of qns to ask...heheh

    If 550Ex is i have to sell my existing speedlite 420EX ? Will there be any use for my 420EX after i get my 550EX ?

    any kind souls who can advice me on these things ? Thanks in advance

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    aiya.. 420EX can use on D60 liao mah... dont waste money lah
    if you insist on getting 550EX, you can keep the 420EX as well. cos u can use the wireless flash setup with 550EX as master and 420EX as slave.

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    Agreed with Mer abt it.

    The 550Ex do have some features that the 420EX lack.

    But for basic functions of a flash, the 420EX is more then enough.........


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