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    hi guys,

    i jus came back from window shopping at far east plaza. i managed to find the abovementioned at one of the shops there. the price quited is $1,800 inclusive of the standard stuff. is it a realistic price ? anyone knows abt the actual price n a place where i can get this. if not i m gonna settle for either the G3 or coolpix 5000. n the other issue is, i heard that there would be a exhibition somewhere in march where the latest models would be out. is it true?


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    others you could consider.... Minolta 7Hi, Sony F717, Fujifilm S602Z, Olympus C5050.
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    Hi there,

    I have recently just purchased a camera. I did a lot of research and what mpenza recommends is good. That was the exact range I was looking at (with a budget of $1500).

    My initial pick was the 5700, given its good look and even greater attachments/converters and that killer batt pack!

    However, more research led to me checking out the olympus e-10, the sony 717, and minolta's 7i. I chose the 7i.

    got it second hand with 5 mths warranty at $1100 with a wide angle converter. I have been very happy with it. The major plus point for me is the manual focus ring and more importanyly, manual zoom ring. This gave it a real slr feel and also very fast zooming and focusing. You might not appreciate that now but trust me you will when you use it.

    The 5700's AF was dissapointingly slow and I love taking potrait and street shots and that means i needed something that zooms and focus faster.

    the 5700 is also more expensive and currently almost out of stk throughout Singapore.

    The e-10 is pretty good as well but it is a tad too heavy and I was quoted at $1600 (2nd hand). Quite ex in my opinion.

    The sony 717 was my next choice but the proprietory battery/memory weighted it down even tho reviews have marvelled at the exceptional lens which I do not doubt.

    All in all, they all have their pluses and minuses. My dimage 7i just switches itself off while i am shooting (sometimes!) This is a real hassle which I have yet to get back to Minolta. The previous owner tells me its an inherent fault which is documented. He's right but since the cam is under warranty, I would want Minllta to do something. Having said that, I still couldn't bear to return it to the owner for a refund cos I really do like it alot. Excellent feel, pictures and very convenient and easy to use. All the main functioons are laid out at the external acsing. Don't have to press menu and navigate...

    Do hope this has helped


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    S$1800 for Nikon CP5700 is abit expensive.

    Price should be around $1630+/-

    Try Nobel (2nd floor Sim Lim) or AP or Cathay Photo.

    Alternatively u could get a second hand one, someone is selling here ....

    CP5700 for sale

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    Actually, for CP5700, autofocus speed is fine between wide angle to 4x. That is if you compare AF with other camera on the same 3x zoom basis, you will fine performance is about the same.

    I would say slower AF occurs progressively at higher zoom range from 4x to 8x. This is fair since Nikon has built a high zoom lens plus macro in a super compact body.

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    CP selling 5700 @ $1,7xx. Last heard yesterday.

    And $1800 is not expensive ok!! I bought mine for $1,888!!!!


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