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Thread: print myself or send photo shop??

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    Default print myself or send photo shop??

    Dear guys,

    Asking 1 main question with a few sub-questions. So bear with me please?

    The main question is if it's better to print photos by oneself or to send to a shop?

    The assumpion here is that we are looking at rather large volume (100 to 150 photos) at one go, working alone and have average business (maybe 10 to 15 customers per month).

    For those of u working as freelance photographer doing events and weddings, do u print your own photos at home? N assumping u have the same conditions as above, won't it be tiring to sit by the printer to see thru the 100 prints, spread them out to make sure they dry properly, calibrating the printer every now n then.... N is the effort worth the savings? Btw, how much more do u really save if u use original papers and ink? N wht printer would u recommend?

    Is it true that those photos print by oneself can only last for maybe 5 to 6 years???

    Thanks in advance for your reply

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    Default Re: print myself or send photo shop??

    Epson claim if you use their ink and paper it would last 100 years but whos knows if this is so. If you ask me if you have a lot of photos get the shop to print it for you.
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    Print outside. Save yourself time and money. The quality's different too.

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    Default Re: print myself or send photo shop??

    btw, you can negotiate for better pricing with the lab you frequent if you constantly print large volumes.

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    For the qty you're talking about, you're better off sending to a shop. Will work out cheaper and you won't have to contend with any printer issues.

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    I think everything is already said here. My opinion is to send it to a lab. Quality will be better, they have very nice and expensive printers and it would save your time. I don't think you can make profit on printing with the low volume you mention here, even if that is large volume by your standards, it is very low for a lab. Remember, good printers are expensive and I think it is important to have happy customers also. You don't want them complaining just after a year or two. Most commercial printers do not produce image quality that is expected by a paid custumer. Especially if the customers want to hang the pictures on their walls, exposed to light, humidity and temperature variations.

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    hey guys,

    thank u all for the kind reply.

    actually, another concern i have is with the difference in color btw my computer and the final print.

    but what u guys said are compelling enough for me to stick to teh current practise of sending to a shop

    thanks again. cheers!


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