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Thread: Singapore Fable: Why some people choose Hell?

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    Doing something physically to help rather than simply cry enough to fill the 7 seas would be a feasible way out.
    yea.. i think empathy is the very 1st step to any action.. and, seriously speaking.. what can we do to help a country which is locked out to the rest of the world? food aid that is being sent there gets intercepted by Kim and his cronies.. maybe we shld get james bond to get rid of the regime?

    i think the very least, our own children can appreciate how lucky they are.. its not like we see the handicapped or the orphans in the homes around in singapore, and if we decide to take action, we can volunteer our services to these underprivileged.. its n.korea.. different i guess..

    my 2 cents worth..

    (i think the posts outta topic already.. )
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