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Thread: Another Online Scam?

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    Default Another Online Scam?

    Seems the scammers are getting localised.

    Just got this thru my email.


    Part Time No experience (or money) needed - Entry Level Job

    If you are looking for 100% a legit job where you have to work to earn
    money not stay to earn money then this is the job for you.

    There is no need to leave from your current job. You can work for us
    few hours weekly and increase your income with 5,000 Monthly.

    We are a Africa company in search of Representative from your area to
    join our company. We have one job available at this time.
    Your job is to receive money with bank transfer (only DBS or OCBC Bank)
    the bank transfer that our Singapore customers have to pay to our company.

    In Africa they usually send us the 90% of the money within 24 hrs, this delay is not profitable for our company.

    You have 10% commission from every payment that you will receive so you
    will be paid for your services same day you process the payment because
    you will deduct your share directly.

    We don't ask fees for this job. We don't ask experience, just few hours
    are needed in a day.

    IMPORTANT - You must be over 20 years old.
    IMPORTANT - Able to start immediately

    Don't be scammed by all types of work from home jobs where companies
    are asking money to "help you"
    The job is 100% legal in Singapore and all our sales activities are recorded
    at Singapore work bureau.

    You will receive the response same day. Remember: No costs: Nothing to
    buy. No membership to pay. No accounts to purchase.

    Simply reply to this email with bank name, bank holder name, account number, sort code and phone number in other to make this expeditely. You will
    receive more details.

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    Default Re: Another Online Scam?

    This is a scam. You may be used as an middleman for illegal activities. This could be use for money laundering, and it is a crime here. They never disclose their nature of work, and simply ask for your details thru email, very suspicious
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    Default Re: Another Online Scam?

    yes it is. Very obvious. Post here to create awareness.

    Down with the scammers!

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    Default Re: Another Online Scam?

    Inform the police. Head straight to ur nearest Police Headquarters or ur NPC to lodge a report.

    Help yourself to help others as well.
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    Default Re: Another Online Scam?

    A typical hoax chain email will stress it's not a hoax.

    A spammer most likely will stress it's not spam.


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