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    Hi! I'm going to New York next week. I am aware that it is cheaper to get some camera accessories there like filters etc. Can anyone please reccomend me some places where i can get good bargains other that B&H. I'm looking for B+W filters and flash difusers.

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    u can go BH photos or adorama. i can get filters cheaper than the states if u r interested.

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    Filters and accessories, the US is not going to be that cheap. If you are looking for cameras or lenses, then NYC is the right place to go.
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    Don't think NYC is the best place to buy filters and accesories. I think it's usually cheaper in Singapore. And if you gonna buy from BH or Adorama's physical shop, you gotta pay the 8% sales tax, which adds up to be a lot. Not really worth it. Bodies and lenses should be cheaper, esp now for Canon with the double rebates going on. Provided you have someone there to get the rebate for you.


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