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    I found a few rolls of films while clearing my stuff, they are around 2-3yrs old.
    Is it advisable to being them for developing?

    It's ok if the pics come out a little off color but not if its going to come out blank or something.

    i asked the photo shop at my neighborhood and they said "no problem!" too eagerly, but i'm a bit skeptical cos they're going to charge me whether the prints come out alright or not.

    appreciate ur help! thanks

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    I've developed film that's 20 years old. No problem.

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    It may be just off color, little foggy, it depands with kind of films and how the way being stored.
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    ok thanks!
    i will go develop tmr, i cant even remember wad's inside =D

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    You can also send the old films for scanning into digital files (.jpg). Recently, I have just scanned 100 rolls of old films of 10 years. The condition still very good.


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