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Thread: Colour Callibration?

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    Default Colour Callibration?

    Hey there,

    I have just began using a Nikon D200...and am new to digital photography.

    I am finding that the photograph I see on the camera is different to what I see on the computer screen and different again to what is printed. How do I resolve this? What is the process?

    I was also wondering if someone could recommend a professional printing that the professional photographers would utilise for their work.


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    Default Colour Callibration?

    Hi ,

    I think you need to callibrate your pc monitor. that might slove all your problem.

    As for the photo lab you can try gracelab in sunset way near clementi area.

    Address: Blk 105, Clementi St 12
    #01-04, Singapore 120105
    (Junction of Sunset Way / Clementi Road)
    Tel : 67741846, 67732857
    Fax : 67741846

    Business Hours : Mon to Sat 10.00am - 8.30pm
    Friday 10.00am - 7.00pm
    Public Holiday}
    Sundays } CLOSED

    Simon gives you good service and very friendly person too.

    Robert Bleeme

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    Default Re: Colour Callibration?

    As with the title you already indicated. You need to calibrate your PC. If you are on tight budget you can get the Gretamacbeth Huey or the more prefered Spyder.

    Triple D at Burlington square... personal recommendation!
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