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Thread: A Voice Recorder to recommend?

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    Default A Voice Recorder to recommend?

    Anyone who has experienced with Voice Recorder ... can help recommend one brand, model which is reasonable good quality ... and also estimate cost price, and where to buy?
    1GB can record how many hours? If i put it in my pocket or in a lady's purse, can i still have a good recording of the conversation?
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    Default Re: A Voice Recorder to recommend?

    sony minidisc recorder...superb quality..heh
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    Last time had to get gd quality recorder for loooooong meetings...only two brands could make it: Olympus and Sony. Naturally got Olympus as they were more readily available. Oso Olympus had been making pearlcorders fo long long oredi and had fully developed voice recording systems for professional sect.

    Now got so many brands - just go to Sim Lim Square and check it out. Best to stick to the well known Japanese brands with warranty. Cost of modern digital ones not sure. Go check them out, as well as mic sensitivity.

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    i got a sony IC recorder the MX simi 1, very good, 1gb can record think more than 1 day...
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