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    Hi all,

    Was not sure if I should post this in the Newbies forum or this one.

    I have a Slik Pro 400 tripod, but it gets a bit unwieldy at times - especially in crowded places.

    Thinking of getting a monopod to deal with such situations.

    I would like to hear from you experts on what are the features to look out for in a monopod. Any recommendations would also be great.
    I want to use it mainly for my Canon 30D + 100-400 lens.


    PS : I found a sticky on the criteria to choose a tripod, but couldn't find any for monopod.
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    Currently using Manfrotto 681B w/ 488RC2 ballhead bought it at $400+, works great for me.
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    am not expert...u can check the manfrotto 679 or 680 (short but heavier due to 4 section) with or w/o their monopod head 234RC...go take a look at CP and have a feel..for both or they have other brand also...

    btw the above 2 has a promo at $90 n $110 for monopod+234RC respectively till 26/11.


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