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    Thoughts welcome

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    Why does it look like silver?

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    where did you shoot this? is it labrador park?

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    this is changi if i not wrong. board walk...

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    control of exposure, contrast and sharpness lacking.
    subject does not seem interesting as well.
    i'll probably classify this as a "headscratcher" shot.

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    Oh dear, back to the drawing board.

    Now I know what is wrong with it - can you suggest what I could have done to improve on the shot?

    Pls advise me on either technical specifications or PS skills.


    PS I'll post the exposure details below with a the same photo processed differently if you think it will help.

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    I shot it at:

    f13, shutter speed 25.0, ISO 400 prime lens 50m

    It was cropped, straightened and processed in PS (curves, levels, colour correction) & lightroom.

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    Almost thought you used starlight filter or something... Good attempt at using small aperature to create similar effects!
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    the shot could or should be abit darker. maybe by one to two stops. also, the water is half glassy and half in focus so its either u leave your shutter open longer or shorter(for in focus water). but personally id go for the glassy look. also the light flare is abit too distracting. subtle is good for this case. Lastly, focus on pavillion seems soft. dont worry, you;re getting there

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    Thanks Slack & You - ur comments are great.

    Now I know how to improve


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