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    First time posting, C&C Welcomed.

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    Not worthy of any comments..... ?

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    perhaps a brief intro on your photograph would do good... simply looking at it, it just doesn't tell anything...
    Leica helps me calm down when i shoot.

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    Generally, the joss sticks were all burnt out... (layman term meaning burnt finished liao lah)

    1) The subject/focus is neither at the center nor at the one-third... Not too sure...
    2) A little underexposed
    3) While the "you deng" (not sure english called what) add more meaning to the picture, but in this pic seems to "steal" attention away...
    4) I would like the background to be more bokeh
    5) If you can capture the moments of the joss sticks burnt out, but still glowing, that will be even better!
    6) you may want to do more closed up shot of the joss sticks?
    7) Show one burnt out VS a newly lighted one to show a strong contrast?

    Cheers! Jia you jia you...
    I am NOT a PROfessional photographer and photography is NOT my hobby


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