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    Let me start the ball rolling.

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    Zhi Zi Zhi Shou, Yu Zi Xie Lao
    Ah Gu translation :Holding your love one's hand, stay together forever.

    谈何容易,试問如何能對另一半不离不弃,当中需要的是百般忍耐,谅解,体恤,細心的照顾及关心。当现今人人 只追寻自己的理想,为事业而奋斗,有多少人能承受如此沉重的负担?

    Ah Gu Explanation : It's not easy to stay with your love together forever, you'll need to tolerate, understand, care, share, love each another. Nowadays everyone only cares about their own dreams, career and benefits. Not many is willing to take such burden.

    A picture worths a million words.

    p.s Pardon me if my translation sounds funny, that's roughly what that statement is about.

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    no lover hands to hold. so no forever..

    my cheena no gooded. engrish no gooded. thats why no lover.

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    Hua Kai Kan Zhe Zhi Xu Zhe, Mo Dai Wu Hua Kong Zhe Zhi
    Ah Gu translation: When you see a flower is blooming, and you may pluck it, go ahead. Don't wait till you are left with the twigs.


    Ah Gu Explanation: Treasure your time, don't put the most valuable time of your whole life to waste.

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