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Thread: Points about Photography Business

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    i was fortunate to have a very decent PC for editing.

    before my photography madness. i was mad about computers so my systems are quite blazing fast.

    currently my system is a amd 3800+ with 2gb of ram and 80gb harddisk. this harddisk do not go to the net. it is solely for editing. i have another computer that does the web stuff. so i am assured of the fastest speed my system can provide.

    once the photos are done. they will be then transferred into my 320gb hdd to store. that is after i have burnt a copy as backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janshim View Post
    No wonder! Even my 4 year old Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop has more juice (P4 2.6GHz, 1GB RAM) but 64Mb GeForce graphics is too limiting although some claim to make no difference for photo editing but I beg to differ. The apps that I run real-time are Avast antivirus and SpyStopper Pro while the others on a need-to basis such as CC Cleaner, Ad-Aware Personal, Spybot. The registry and hard drive cleaners I swear by are: Advanced WindowsCare Pro and TuneUp Utilities 2007 and I have a heavily tweaked out XP Pro 'Services'. My main editing PC is attached to 6 disk drives, 3 are SATA-II and 3 IDE in external enclosures with a combined total of 1.35Terabyte. It's very important to defragment from time to time and two really good defrag tools are PerfectDisk and O&O Defrag.
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    Emm, get more ram. They are important in PP. Very Important. So much so that I run solely on RAM without Hardisk when it is for short bursts of photos.
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    It is no different from any other type of people business. Having
    gone through the last two decades it is alarmingly to note that there
    is still not much interest in the area of adopting a "visual culture".

    Visual can significantly broaden issues in business ethics and
    even to the extent of corporate social responsibility for larger
    photographic organisations.

    Have you heard of photographic organisations being very conscious
    of their public visibility and value? Of course there are such things
    like generosity and stingyness between large and great photographic

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