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    Hiya all

    Often times when taking pics and using people as subjects, I find it difficult to get the auto focus perfect. At the time, using the viewfinder, the shot seems good. But when it blows up on the PC, its obvious that what I thought was in focus is not sharp enough.

    The time taken for an auto focus to auto focus is also very slow when taking moving objects like kids...

    Any suggestions? Even in outdoors, the AF is faster, but not as fast as I would like it.

    Its a Minolta A1.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Sharpening Auto Focus...

    you will need a good DSLR with a fast lens to focus correctly and capture fast moving object.

    That's why some upgrade to DSLR.

    Alternatively when doing AF, try to focus on more contrast area, it help the camera to focus faster.
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    Default Re: Sharpening Auto Focus...

    can u show us a pics of the photo u consider not sharp?

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    I think I worked it out.

    Don't use the presets for Apeture and Shutter. The focus time is slow. Using Manual and preset with adequate exposure speeds up focusing.

    Also turned on the flex focus and that makes it faster to focus.




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