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    Though I have been in this forum since August this year (also started photography around that time), I have learnt a lot from the gurus here. I didn't have the guts to post any pics here as it can be quite embarassing if it's not up to standard. But I guess I will not improve much if there are no criticism, hence I am posting my very first photo.

    This shot of my block was taken just today. A bright sunny day in Punggol. I did some Unsharp Mask and slight cropping to the photo. Details of the shot is as follows:

    Camera: Canon 20D
    Lens: Canon 17-40 f4 L
    Shooting Mode: Aperture-Priority AE
    TV: 1/25
    Av: 13
    ISO: 100
    Focal Length: 17mm
    White Balance Mode: Daylight

    Comments are greatly appreciated.


    PS: do I paste the pic directly into this thread?
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    image can be posted with the following format

    [img]image url[/img]

    may not work for webhosts that do not allow hotlinking

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    The image of the 'dragon' does not seem obvious enough, and has little to do in context with a block of HDB flats.

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    the building look abit flat on the surface. Maybe can try taking the building at 45 degree angle ?

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    I can visualise the dragon from the pic straight away...just that the composition with the building dun complement the dragon...but nice capture on the cloud
    Having expensive gears do not make you a better photographer. Period.

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    yup yup can visualise the dragon immediately but the building looks weird, reason being so i dunno why, cos i also newbie

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    Yah, I know that title does not really fit in for the HDB flat. Actually, I was only taking the flats and did not realise the cloud formation until I viewed the photo on my computer. I thought it would be interesting to have captured the 'Dragon' at that point in time.

    Thanks for all your comments. Will do better next time.


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