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    What do you think about this picture?

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    Good color, and neat...but cliche...haha.

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    the subject is rather lost in the mass of blackness. it is placed too close to the right edge of the frame, one is visually trapped on the right side as the rest of the frame carries no interest. the environment is not exposed enough to inform the viewer of the context. consider taking 2 exposures of the same frame, 1 exposed for the Merlion and 1 exposed for the environment, and later combine them in photoshop.

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    @photographique, good point. my wife said the same thing. hehe

    @all, thanks.

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    Nice shot, I like it. Care to share how you did it? esp how did you manage to get the merlion's face so well lit?

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    I like it too. If you could be kind enough to post the exif? Thanks.

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    It's a technically good shot, but as many would say, it's a tired subject.

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    Shutter : 10
    Aperture : 20
    ISO : 100

    I adjust the white balance using ZoomBrowser to make Merlion white (or whiter).


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    Quote Originally Posted by twistedzero View Post
    @photographique, good point. my wife said the same thing. hehe

    @all, thanks. can use 'quote'...

    Hmm...still a good try.

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    hmmmm i was told to go there and practise my techniques le.......

    so if i take photos there, it's better not to post them up since everyone is tired of that subject?


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