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Thread: D70 flash modes....

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    Default D70 flash modes....


    - Full Power
    - 1/2 Power
    - 1/4 Power
    - 1/8 Power
    - 1/16 Power

    Commander Mode
    - TTL
    - AA
    - M

    how does each setting work??? why got 2 TTL one ???

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    Default Re: D70 flash modes....

    Just the TTL alone is when you flash is mounted, or built-in flash...

    Commander TTL is when flash is not mounted... That is off camera flash...

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    Default Re: D70 flash modes....

    TTL is Through The Lens flash (it detects the amount of light being transmitted onto the sensor and it cuts off the flash output when there is sufficient light)

    TTL BL is the same as the above but it also exposes for the background... thus giving a more even exposure. Only downside is longer flash time and longer recharge as well (more if you use smaller aperture)
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