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    I am planning to go up to Malacca for photography after Hari Raya Haji. Just want to ask what are the more interesting photographic subjects to shoot over there from those who have been there! Thanks!

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    How about that of fishermen who have just returned with their catch? I remember as soon as they pulled their boats to shore, many would crowd around the boat trying to get their hands on the fish available. You can catch this scene probably at Pantai Klebang (Klebang Beach), about 2 km away from Melaka town, or Pantai Tanjong Kling (~7 km).

    Alternatively, how about Kampong Morten? I have not been there but I do know that that is where you can find a concentration of the descendants of the Portuguese (?).

    Then, you have Melaka town itself with its still relatively many old buildings - shophouses, churches and mosques (with Chinese design motifs)......and not forgetting the smokey and pot-holed bus terminal (no disrespect here....).

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    Portugese settlement at sunset great vieww

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    Thanks to draftingg88 and junyant for your suggestions! Will keep them in mind when I go up to Malacca!


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