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    Hello guys,

    I am currently consider to get a plan after 2 year contract.. I read through M1.. does it mean we can get a promotional price for a phone if we sign up 2 year plan, but we can terminate the plan after 3 months?

    5.4You may terminate our service by calling our Customer Service Hotline 1627, by faxing or writing to us and giving us 1 day's prior notice. However if you terminate within the first 3 months from the date of commencement of service ("Initial Period"), you will have to pay for subscription for the whole of the Initial Period based on our non-promotional rate.

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    iirc there are 2 contracts to be signed...handset contract and plan contract...

    handset contract for promo price handset and is a 2 yr contract....
    so if u terminated b4 2 yrs u got to pay handset surcharge....

    anyway give 1627 a call to confirm


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