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    Default USM settings

    hey just wanna ask u guys what are the settings that u use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by renegade150 View Post
    hey just wanna ask u guys what are the settings that u use?
    No fixed settings.

    Normally zoom in to 100%, play around with the settings and zoom out slightly to take a look. Check and uncheck the "Preview" (in PS) to check the original and the edited version.

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    Is the image for print or web display?

    if it is for print and is already resized for the print format, zoom in to 100% and increase the values till it looks slightly will look fine for print...

    for web, at 100%, adjust till it is just right...

    last point...its good to do sharpening at the last stage of workflow, after you have decided on output format and have resized it to that format...cause resizing does affect sharpness of image...and might exaggerate sharpening halos...


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