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Thread: recover pics fr SD card

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    Default recover pics fr SD card

    hi, i hv my hol pics in a 2GB SD Kingston card. it says memory full when i try to take pic on the camera, but when i switch to the view image mode on my S3IS, it says no images! when linked to pc, thru card reader, it says 100% space used, but 0 byte... help!!! my heart break liao!!! all my hol pics!!! can anyone plse plse plse tell me how i can retrieve them?

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    Default Re: recover pics fr SD card

    Looks like a corrupted sd card (keep your fingers crossed)

    It seems that you are not the only one with this problem.

    Try doing a search next time

    Just saw that you had your questions answered by quite a few Members in the other thread that you posted.
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    thks... trying to run pcinspector... it' taking a long time... is it free recovery software?

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    hi mega32, it doesn't seem to detect the files... help?!


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