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Thread: what is so good about Kaesemann CP?

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    Default what is so good about Kaesemann CP?

    Intend to buy 2 B+W CPs, wondering if anyone can enlighten me about what is the difference between the Kaesemann and the normal versions. The Kaesemann cost a lot more, is it worth the price differential?

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    "6. What is a Kaesemann polarizer?

    Kasemann was an independent company that manufactured some of the highest quality polarizer material in the world. B+W Filter/Schneider purchased the company in the mid 1980's.

    The quality of the material is uniform and neutral in color. In addition, the polarizer is edge-sealed and guaranteed against separation. Moisture from humidity will destroy the polarizer material and edge sealing protects the material. Kasemann Polarizers are available in Linear and Circular."

    Very interesting FAQ


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