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    I'm looking for people who is travelling to Chengdu end of the year. If travel alone, the air ticket is around $800+. The promotional fare is around $600+ but minimum 2 to go. Hope to save some money from air ticket and spend on the trip.

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    maybe you can consider popping to this thread

    likelihood of meeting people who may consider it. but generally when going overseas, 1 month of projection before travel is too rushed to get partners as other people need time to apply leave and get approval.

    wish you gd luck.

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    Thank zoossh. Actually, I can't plan too far ahead due to my job nature. Now I still don't know whether I can make it for the trip.

    Anyway, I not there for photo shoot this time round. However, I'm planning a trip there next year May for photo shoot. And, likely, I be going to 若尔盖 via 九寨沟 and 米亚罗.


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