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Thread: GST up to 7%

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn View Post
    Hmmm... it tells us nothing of the Incumbent. Neither does it say anything abt the Alternatives.

    Lets say a new lemon 17-40L (already famed for its wide-opened sharpness & value-for-money) happened to land in the hands of a reviewer, one with extensive contacts in the photographic industry & rather influential, says that Canon actually used radioactive materials in production of the 17-40L. Something which is close to impossible to verify (except known to ppl within the industry) even if some rocket scientist forumer has a Geiger Meter and u hear everyone all abuzz about this famed EOS L that's possibly laced with radioactive material.

    Would u choose to believe it? And what do u think it says of Canon?
    I get your analogy, but is really stretched.

    Allow me to answer using the original situation of vote tracking. Yes, such a claim would get my attention.

    Would I choose to believe it? I believe it if there is proof of it happening.

    What do I think it says of the incumbent party? It shows that people actually believe that the party would deploy such tactics, and would vote out of fear.

    I am not clutching at straws here, I am a civil servant and and a substantial number of my collegues supported the incumbent party more out of fear for their rice bowl.

    Of course, I'm not saying that the incumbent is resposible for spreading these myths, if people actually believed that they are whiter than white, then why do these myths endure?

    Or in your analogy, if Canon has proven itself with a track record, any false accusations will fall sooner or later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightpiper View Post
    ahbian u r so naive to think that the votes can't be trace. the voting slip has a serial no. & this no. is next to ur IC when u go into the voting center, this is to verify citizen who voted & citizen absent. u tell me can trace or not? the vote is secret is relative to the guy next door (may it be ur friends , neighbours or voting booth), not secret to the ruling party.

    a true incident: my friend's neighbour send their son to kindergarten & was rejected. after a few unsuccessful appeals, they went to look for the MP for help. the MP very bluntly told them to look for their prefered MP to give their son a seat in kindergarten cos this is a P-A-P kindergarten. "u voted for opposition right? ask ur opposition MP to give u a kindergarten"
    (yes, u guess it right, this incident took place in potong pasir)

    i really dun know what to say... education not for the whole nation? a brand thing? oh man...
    Well. I have heard of stories like this, especially in opposition wards. Sometimes, I wonder if the accusation "you vote for the opposition right? " is levelled at the general residents (that the majority voted for the opposition) and not so much that they know which individual voted for who.

    And yes, i am aware of the IC and serial number on the voting slip, because my area was contested in the GE. Yes, the vote CAN be traced, that is the purpose of the serial number after all. I guess the question is - is it traced?

    Ok, lets just assume that the vote WOULD be traced. Of the million votes casted in the latest GE, it would interest me how they would trace the substantial number of oppostion votes. Assuming that they carry out selective tracing instead, no intention at sounding arrogant here, but I would be flattered it they take an interest in me by tracing my vote.

    Anyway, my take is, if you vote for a system just to prevent the system from screwing you otherwise, then isnt there something wrong with the system?

    Idealist? Maybe.
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    I think you will want to rethink that. If that happens, you never know if such tracing will lead to more tracings.

    After all, it is trite history that political enemies of the incumbent government had more than just votes traced. Presumably armies of civil servants will review every aspect of these marked men and dig up every conceivable skeleton in the closet.

    So think again before you want to be traced

    Quote Originally Posted by ahbian View Post
    Assuming that they carry out selective tracing instead, no intention at sounding arrogant here, but I would be flattered it they take an interest in me by tracing my vote.

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    as expected, after all the initial excitment diz thread oso died down and life goes on, clockwork as per e usual strategy...

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    I am closing this thread because CS, as a rule do not encourage any form of discussion that involves politics or the Government.

    This isn't the appropriate avenue if you wish to discuss such matters.

    I seek your understanding in this matter please.

    Thank you.
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